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Tuscan PGI


Leccio del Corno

Variety of Tuscan origin. Its name derives from its area of origin: the Fattoria del Corno, in the town of San Casciano Val di Pesa (FI). Here, it was spotted in 1929.

The colors of Prunicce

Black and gold

Black like the shade of the Prunicce forest, ideal for the growth of undergrowth herbs. Gold like the rays of the sun that make their way through the branches of the trees.


Appearance, taste and use

Prunicce Oil is green in color with yellow shades. It is fruity (medium-intense level) with a scent of grass, artichoke and light traces of tomato, hay, straw and ripe walnut. The taste is bitter and pungent with delicate softness on the lips.

Raw use

Ideal for seafood salads, fish carpaccio and bruschetta.

Traditional dishes

Excellent with ribollita, cheese, panzanella, crostini, and the Tuscan catch.

Dishes with delicate flavors

Recommended with raw fish and to give character to a tomato purée.



We harvest the olives before they are fully ripe. By hand from the centuries-old olive groves, with a modern harvesting machine from the rows. We select them through a visual inspection to verify the state of ripeness. Then we pass them through a leaf removing machine which eliminates all foreign bodies.


We wash the olives and send them to a refrigerated hammer crusher within 12 hours after harvesting. This is the first step in the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The resulting paste passes into the cooling system and then to the malaxer. Through the decanter, we squeeze the paste to obtain a raw oil. We send the pomace (solid waste paste) to a machine that separates the pits from the liquid part. We pass the raw oil to the centrifugal separator.


After the tasting, we send the extracted oil to the filtering. Then, we store it in special stainless steel tanks with inert gas, suitable for conservation.

5. Bottling

We filter and bottle the oil through a semiautomatic bottling machine. The bottles, corked and labeled, are kept at a controlled temperature.

Nutritional values

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Luca S.

A high quality oil.

I bought Prunicce Oil and it is indeed a high quality oil. Easy purchase and pickup of the product.

Lucrezia S.

Exceptional product

I have been buying olive oil from this Farm for a couple of years and have noticed with great pleasure that the quality of the product always tends to increase.

Daniela M.

Taste of Tuscany

A really good olive oil. Classic aromas and scents of our Tuscan land.