Quality assurance

Our Farm possesses certifications and recognitions that guarantee the quality of our olive oil.

Our olive oils are PGI, certified "Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI" by the TCA (Tuscany Agri-food Certification) which collects the oil samples and subjects them to a panel test for organoleptic analysis. Judged to be compliant, further chemical-physical analyzes are carried out on our oils at Accredia accredited laboratories.

“Flos Olei 2024” International Guide

Score 87/100

“Flos Olei 2023” International Guide

Score 83/100

“Flos Olei 2022” International Guide

Score 82/100

Catalog “Selection of DOP and IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Tuscany 2021”

Selection of the Olio del Marinaio

Ercole Olivario Olive Oil Competition 2021

Finalist Company