"It's incredible how these people built their rural landscapes as if they had no other concern than beauty".

(Henri Desplanques)

The Tyrrhenian Sea, the olive trees and the vineyards.

The Tuscan landscape presents bright and striking colors: the blue of the sky and sea water, the green of the hills of vineyards, olive groves and cypresses and the ocher of the land and the sun. A mix of tones that make it recognizable and beloved.

Our Farming Business is located in the town of Biserno, in the Municipality of San Vincenzo.

We are in the Upper Maremma between Livorno and Grosseto, near the sea. The Farm can be reached from the town of San Vincenzo along Biserno Street, crowned by cypresses. We also have important olive groves and vineyards on the hills of the nearby Campiglia Marittima.

Green, blue and ocher.

The elements that make our olive oil good.


Purity, sea breeze and iodine in the atmosphere create a climate beneficial to the health of humans and plants.


The presence of the sea in the background helps the mild climate, ideal for olive groves.


The sun's rays irradiate the crops and infiltrate the branches of the olive groves creating a magical effect.


The soil is sandy and allows good water and air permeability. Ideal for our olive oil.

The Farm

From Tuscany to the Biserno Farm

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