The oil mill

We transform olives into oil in our two-stage oil mill. Modern technology for an ancient and very high quality product.



We harvest the olives before they are fully ripe. By hand from the centuries-old olive groves, with a modern harvesting machine from the rows. We select them through a visual inspection to verify the state of ripeness. Then we pass them through a leaf removing machine which eliminates all foreign bodies.



We wash the olives and send them to a refrigerated hammer crusher within 12 hours after harvesting. This is the first step in the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



The paste obtained through the crushing passes into the cooling system and then to the malaxer which processes it at a temperature between 24 and 26 degrees.

Then, through the decanter, we squeeze the paste to obtain a raw oil at 26 degrees with vegetative water and the pomace (solid waste paste). We send the pomace to a machine that separates the pits from the liquid part. We pass the raw oil to the centrifugal separator which separates the vegetation water from the oil.



After the tasting, we send the extracted oil to the filtering. Then, we store it in special stainless steel tanks with inert gas, suitable for conservation.



Our production process, mostly automated, involves several competent and passionate figures who ensure that the oil maintains its organoleptic properties and is of the highest quality.


The person who is in charge of picking our olives with the help of our harvesting machine.


In charge of the plant and, therefore, of the actual production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Quality control officer

The person who controls the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, through a series of chemical and sensorial analyses.

Oil tasting attendant

After the extraction of the oil, before filtering, this person takes care of the tasting of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our guarantee of goodness.

The Farm

Beyond the oil mill

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