Beyond the oil, the almonds.

Our Farm also produces very high quality almonds. Our almond grove is of the Avijor variety and extends for 15 acres.

26.000 almond trees

Our almond plants are upright with a medium to long branch length.

Almonds, which are self-fertile, bloom at the end of March. We harvest them in late August with a harvesting machine. Then we remove the soft part, the husk, and put them in big-bags, ready for bulk sale. The average yield in already shelled product is 30%.


Almonds contain health-beneficial nutrients.

Rich in antioxidants, they help combat aging, improve blood sugar levels and promote good blood pressure. Thanks to fiber, fats and proteins, they constitute an important natural dietary supplement. They are very tasty, appreciated even by the little ones.


Almonds are ideal for the preparation of typical dishes of the Tuscan territory.

According to tradition, we find two of the most famous pastries where the almond makes the difference in taste: schiacciata and Cantucci or Biscotti di Prato.

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The almonds, peeled and freed from humidity, can be found loose, on sale on our Farm.

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